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Biolchim Loker L




LOKER® Botanical extracts to nourish and strengthen the plant

  • Optimizes the plants nutritional status
  • Enhances the plants natural barriers for plant defense

LOKER® contains plant extracts (Echinacea, Tormentilla, Aloe) rich in Polysaccharides, Amino Acids, and Phenylpropanoids. Thanks to its particular formulation, LOKER® acts as a functional food for the plants as it:

optimizes the plant’s nutritional status: amino acids and polysaccharides are readily available sources of energy and organic carbon for photosynthesis and primary metabolism;

helps the plant to set up its natural barriers: Phenylpropanoids stimulate lignin, phytoalexin, and salicylic acid biosynthesis, thus allowing the plant to reinforce cell walls and to reinforce cell walls and to be on the alert for a rapid reaction to possible attacks.

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