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Biolchim Magnistart NP Zn




Magnistart NP Zn is a micro granular formulation suitable for distribution during sowing or transplanting of row crops and vegetables.

  • Improves vegetative growth of young plantlets
  • Improves roots formation
  • Starter effect

Thanks to the high content of phosphorous and zinc, it promotes both rooting and vegetative development of seedlings (starter effect). The phosphorus contained in Magnistart NP Zn can be easily assimilated by plants and positively affect seed germination and rooting. Moreover, Phosphorus increases the resistance of young plants to both thermic and mechanical stresses (e.g. wind).Magnistart NP Zn contains zinc which enhances the starter effect of phosphorus and nitrogen by favoring root development. The micro granules make the product suitable for localized applications, making phosphorus and zinc promptly available to the roots for absorption.

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