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Biolchim Solavit Mn


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SOLAVIT® Mn nourishes and strengthens the plant

  • Increases number, size and quality of potato tubers
  • Improves the development of taproot crops
  • Recommended for all crops with high manganese demand

SOLAVIT® Mn is specifically designed for improving crop yield and quality in potato and taproot crops (carrot, radish, sugar beet etc).

SOLAVIT® Mn is highly rich in Manganese, a constituent or an activator of multiple enzymes involved in photosynthesis and carbohydrate biosynthesis. The effect of Manganese is corroborate by macro and micronutrients that optimize the plant nutritional status and by the presence of Phosphorus in a highly bioavailable form, that improves nutrient uptake and transport.

As a result, SOLAVIT® Mn stimulates tuber formation, tuber enlargement and starch accumulation, leading to increased number, size and quality of potatoes. Similarly, SOLAVIT® Mn stimulates the development and elongation of taproots.

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