What can we provide?

We can provide almost everything from fertilizer, crop protection, beneficials, bio stimulants, growing medias, foil and covering materials, to pots and packaging etc. within conventional and organic cultivation. Within irrigation we take on projections of new systems and expansion as well as repairs of existing systems. Irrigation systems can be delivered preassembled or with the necessary materials, special tools and counselling for self-assembly. We deliver irrigation systems to greenhouses, open field crops, nurseries, garden centers, orchard and indoor riding arenas. Tanggaard Dansk Vandingsteknik Tanggaard Dansk Vandingsteknik Tanggaard Dansk Vandingsteknik 


With many years of field experience and the newest updated knowledge, are we always ready to counsel our customers. We uphold the personal contact. We have regular weekly delivers from our warehouses on Sjælland and Fyn or direct delivers from our supplier. Products from our own warehouse can be delivered from day to day in Denmark. In the remaining Scandinavia will there be a general delivery time on 2-3-days.


We assure for the products uniformity and quality. By trading with leading suppliers all over the world, for instance Holland, Sri Lanka, Israel, Sweden, Germany and Estonia, can we ensure our customers the best products in the various seasons