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Castellari Ergnomic Pruning Shears




The Ergonomic pruning shears are professional curved striking shears.

Kick-back on the wrist is prevented by the striking shears and their curved shape allows the user to grip the branch during cutting.

The ergonomic grip and cutting head aligned with the branch allow the wrist to maintain a natural position, reducing the effort used by the operator during cutting operations.

The handle and counter-blade are made of hot-forged light alluminum alloy. This system allows Castellari to provide a lifetime guarantee against breakage. The surface treatment with anodizing makes the shears more resistant over time. The surface is then covered with non-slip resistant material.

The high percentage carbon steel blade is hot-forged. The mold creates a cavity in the blade that reduces friction and increases branch penetration.

The Ergonomic pruning shears are the lightest in their class, weighing only 220 gr. This results from weight reductions that can only be achieved with hot-forged products.

These shears are completely interchangeable, just like all manual pruning tools.

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